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Panasonic Regular Cassette Type AC CU D34DBH8
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Panasonic Regular Cassette Type AC CU D34DBH8

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Detailed Specifications:

General Information
Indoor Model Number CS-D34DB4H5
Panel Model Number CZ-BT03P
Outdoor Model Number CU-D34DBH8
Cooling Capacity
Indoor [kW] 10.1
Indoor [Btu/h] 34,500
EER [W/W] (380V)2.85
Air Volume
(Cooling) [m3/min] 24.0
Healthy Air Quality Features
Super Alleru-Buster Filter Optional
Comfortable Features
Low Ambient Cooling Yes
Noise Level
Sound Pressure Level
Indoor (Cooling) High/Low [dB (A)] (380V)42/39
Outdoor (Cooling) High [dB (A)] (380V)54
Product Dimensions
Indoor [mm]
Width 840
Height 246.0
Depth 840.0
Panel [mm]
Width 950.0
Height 950.0
Depth 45.0
Outdoor (per Unit) [mm]
Width 900.0
Height 1170.0
Depth 320.0
Product Weight
Net Weight [kg]
Indoor 25.0
Panel 4.5
Outdoor 83.0
Phase 3
Rated Voltage 380V or 415V
Power Frequency 50Hz
Power Input
Indoor (Cooling) (380V)3.55kW
Technical Features
Piping Connection
Liquid Side [mm] 9.52
Liquid Side [inch] 3/8
Gas Side [mm] 19.05
Gas Side [inch] 3/4
Pipe Length
Maximum Pipe Length [m] (Additional gas may be required for some models) 40.0
Maximum Pipe Height [m] 30.0
Maximum Changeless Length [m] 20.0
Convenient Features
24-Hour ON & OFF Real Setting Timer Yes
Wireless Remote Controller Yes
Reliable Features
Long Piping (Numbers indicate the maximum pipe length) 40m
Self-Diagnostic Function Yes
Rating Conditions
Inside Air Temperature
Cooling 27C DB/19C WB
Outside Air Temperature
Cooling 35C DB/24C WB
Outdoor Operating temperature 52°C max

Product Description:

Multi-Comfort Air Control
Newly Developed control technology offers the various selection of fine air blowing angle. Select from the 3-pattern autoswings not to expose to the air directly (total 50-degree swing width).
Odour Wash
Odour Wash reduces any unpleasant odours produced from the air conditioner&s heat exchanger.
Newly Designed Turbo Fan
The cassette indoor unit is equipped with a newly-developed turbo fan; the new shape produces low noise and high air flow rate.              

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